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Enterprise Level Intelligent Security Solutions

Intelligence and Resilience working together in perfect harmony.

Enterprise Level Intelligent Security Solutions

Intelligent and Resilient, ELISS combines all facets of a complete surveillance solution into one unified cloud based platform. In its essence, a unified ecosystem where all the devices are integrated and working together as one entity.

Monitoring Room




Face and Number Plate Recognition Analytics can be used to log all visitors and vehicles that enter the premises.

Building Exterior




 Intelligent Perimeter Cameras can differentiate between leaves, animals and intentional intruders, learning from their surroundings over time.

Image by Michael Dziedzic


Open Area Monitoring-


Advanced Facial Recognition and Tracking algorithms ensures suspects can be tracked over a wide area even with high crowd densities.

Crowd Silhouette


Cloud-based Intelligent Video Systems


Cloud-Based Storage and Analyses ensure large amounts of data can be analyzed much faster than conventional systems. Distributed storage ensure data will never be lost in case of any equipment failure.

Image by Wei Ding
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