Protection & Sanitation
As the Corona Virus Epidemic spreads to all corners of the planet, businesses and government institutes are forced to relook and take active measures to help ensure their premises for the safety of their employees, customers and members of the general public. Contactless Access Controlled Entry and Exit points, FLIR Camera Integration, Automated and Manual Sanitizing Units for electronic equipment are all easily integrated into current systems and are the first steps to activity ensuring the safety of your premises.

FLIR Camera Imaging


FLIR, or Forward Looking Infrared Radar Cameras has proven to be effective in the detection of Fever amongst Employees and member of the public. There is currently a wide selection of portable and fixed FLIR Cameras available on the market which can easily be integrated into most Surveillance Systems.

The Lab Steribio, in light of Corona hitting our shores, contamination through the use of Biometric readers is highly possible, some of the larger estates completely disabled biometric access control measures, leaving them vulnerable to egress from unwanted parties.

Steribio ensures that cross-contamination is eliminated, by utilizing 253nm Wavelength light, that is proven to kill viruses in seconds, by destroying the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together. This technology is routinely used to decontaminate surgical equipment. The 253nw Wavelength is not rated safe for human exposure and thus, Steribio is fitted with a passive infrared detector to disable the device for biometric use, a directional shield is fitted to eliminate any direct exposure.  Available in outdoor and indoor units,

Steribio+ is our in-house biometric enclosure featuring all the benefits of the Steribio with added negative ion emission,  drawing contaminates away from all non-metallic surfaces.

The Lab Steri-room is another product utilizing the same technology as the Steribio+  it reduces and controls cross-contamination of pathogens such as airborne viruses,  pathogens and fungi as well as mold spores. The device also neutralizes known carcinogens such as volatile organic compounds.

The Steri-room covers an indoor area of 40 square meters and can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. Air is drawn through the unit enclosed unit, it is radiated and exposed to negative ions before leaving the exit vent. There is thus no direct human exposure and the unit can operate in populated areas. For larger areas, additional units are fitted. 


Contactless Entry Points

 Contactless/Automated access controlled entry points minimizes human contact with equipment which can be contaminated. Introducing Contactless Access Control will reduce the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria ensuring the safety of anyone who visits your premises. Integrating Automated Doors removes contact with door handles while Facial Recognition and Wave access control point’s removes contact with biometric and card readers assuring contact between people are kept to a minimum.


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