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Safe City Solutions
Our Safe City Solutions are Integrated, Intelligent and Resilient.



The system forms a Digital Environment with all its entities integrated into one intelligent, secure platform.

Integration of various platforms such as CCTV, Access Control, Building Management Systems, Crowd/Traffic Density, and Air Pollution Levels into one entity.

Image by Alina Grubnyak



Intelligent Cameras are able to learn from their environment, improving their algorithms over time, all whilst running Multiple Algorithms on the same device simultaneously.

Analyze data such as:

  • Advanced Facial Analytics and Recognition.

  • Number Plate Recognition in Low Light & High Speed.

  • Big Data Analytics allows for algorithm queries over the entire platform in an instance.

  • Gesture Analytics for petty and violent crime

  • Loitering Detection for illegal dumping



Cloud Data and distributed Storage Technology ensure Data is never completely lost in the event of equipment failure.

 In-house Manufactured Surge Protection ensures electronic equipment is always protected against the unexpected.

Image by Markus Spiske
CCTV Experience
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