Infrastructure Implementation

An impeccable infrastructure is the backbone of any installation or supplementation, thus we firmly believe it should be approached with the greatest of importance.

Civil Engineering


 We offer Clients a Complete Civil Solution.  Trenching, Earthing and Tower Erections are handled by our in-house team of specialists.


Fibre Networks

 We design and implement large scale fibre networks delivering high bandwidth, long-distance, and immunity to electromagnetic interference.



Cabling is crucial to any devices functionality. Thus we only install the highest grade of network or electrical cables, reducing lag, interference, cross talk and degradation.




Correctly installed containment ensures security, up-time and longevity of any installation.


Camera Poles-


Our patented Galvanized Steel Camera Poles are made to endure the harshest conditions Africa has to offer; Housing all the electrical, video and surge equipment safely inside the Camera Pole.


Earthing \ Surge Protection


Earthing is a critical element of our surge technology solution and provides safety and electromagnetic compatibility to the power supplies.  

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PVC Conduit Containment