At The Lab, we are dedicated to helping our clients make the most of available technology to achieve maximum results. Drawing from a wealth of experience in the field of Macro City Surveillance, we design intelligent, integrated and resilient solutions to cater for all possible requirements.

Infrastructure and equipment deployment is handled by our in house specialist teams, with great efficiency and impeccable quality. Custom solutions for Macro City and Safe City Solutions developed by The Lab, such as our modular all in one CCTV Street pole and our STEVE module for protection against power fluctuations, surges, and lightning.  

Setup, commission, integration, and implementation of Video Management Systems, Access Control Solutions,  Analytics        ( Inclusive of Face Search, Face Alert, Vehicle and number plate ), Secure Networks and Storage.

Just Plain Good Engineering Practise. The Lab prides itself on the standard at which de-signs are done and the methodology that is followed. Every portion of the design is measured against engineering practice this ensures that nothing is taken for granted and installations flow with ease. We advise our clients and install functional systems.

The Lab - Excellence Through Knowledge.

"Problems downstream are symptoms of neglect upstream” -Prof AD Sparuis

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Excellence Through Knowledge.